Gina + Elliot || Say I Do || Home Among the Hills

Phew 2017 was an exciting year, but a crazy busy one. Gina and Elliot were married last year, yup that’s right, I’ll shamefully say that again…last year. So this blog post is a beautiful tribute to their one-year anniversary and an even more special one because they just welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world.

This time last year, I was in the midst of website overhaul and with that came no access to a blog. So Gina and Elliot along with another couple celebrating their one year anniversary as well who you will see on here soon were patient and kind as I went through the process of rebranding and getting my website up and running….(cough) 9 months later. I’ll take this moment to also send a shout out to Lauren C with Three Hello’s website design company who is a gem, fabulous website designer, and the angel who got me blogging again after a long hiatus.

Well enough about me and my apologies… onto Gina and Elliot...

First, I’ll preface with the fact that I have a soft spot for small intimate weddings. Don’t get me wrong I love lavish grandiose affairs and have attended, captured, and danced the night away at the best of them, but there is just something equally beautiful about smaller more intimate wedding celebrations as well. There’s something to be said about the simplicity and sentimentality of joining together as husband and wife in your grandparent’s home where you grew up, which is exactly what Gina and Elliot did.  They said their I Do’s with their closest friends and family members in a space that encapsulates warm memories and tremendous love. It’s just too sweet to not get a little caught up in.

Gina and Elliot grew up together in Elkins, WV. A beautiful quiet little town nestled in a valley of the Appalachian Mountains. However, growing up a few grades apart, they didn't know of each other well, and it wasn’t until years later after graduation that they reconnected and a spark was born between them.  This is surprisingly how I see a lot of great love stories begin.

I also remember fondly speaking to them both on the phone prior to their big day. It was so  sweet to hear them interact in conversation. They are such a perfect fit for one another. I also remember asking what brought them out west and to some really incredible places like California and Colorado to live. I was expecting to hear that a job was the reason, but nope, it was more that they knew they wanted to be in those places together and they would find a way to make it work, and they did. I commend that, they are such dreamers and doers and adventurers. Now they have added to their adventure with a sweet new little girl who trust me when I say is just an absolute doll baby!

Happy Anniversary you two! I hope you’ll enjoy reliving your wedding day through this blog post and hopefully it was worth the wait. I loved getting to capture your day for you and I think it speaks volumes that just a couple days before Christmas in the midst of on and off snowstorms you had so many people show up at your doorstep to take witness to such a beautiful event. I certainly felt privileged to be there, thank you for inviting me to capture it all.

Cheers to you both and wishing you many years of happiness to come!

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