Charlotte Paige || Third Birthday Portraits || Lifestyle Session

Maryn Graves Productions Leonardtown MD Family Photographer Lifestyle Birthday Session

I used to get so bummed out when we had to stay indoors for our little photo shoots due to weather, I love pretty floral backdrops and greenery surrounding those cute little smiles. I didn't want to be stuck indoors because it was a little too chilly outside, but then I started embracing the challenge. I began breaking through some of the obstacles of shooting indoors, and I quickly began to see what all of the excitement of lifestyle shoots is about. Now, I'm quickly blending that style into my business to share with even more families. 

Now, I LOVE these sessions! I can really see our kiddos personalities shine through in these lifestyle shoots. They play, they laugh, they fight, they hug, and they are surrounded with all their comforts so they are completely themselves. Instead of posing, I just get to sit back and snap away.

Sure there’s lighting challenges and distractions galore, but I’m learning now that battle is half the fun.

These moments are my kiddos being as REAL as real gets. This is their childhood, and I'm so thankful I get to capture that for them.

When I look at these third birthday portraits of my sweet Charlotte it seems so bittersweet and I melt because I see the last little bit of baby girl and toddler in there. She has graduated from crawling and walking and bababa'ing to running circles around us, playing pretend, having favorites like her many many horses and telling us stories she makes up as she goes. We eat up every little bit of it too.

She has officially blossomed into a little lady and I’m excited to continue watching her grow and learn, but it really is going much too fast.

Happy third birthday, my little love, YOU are our sunshine. WE LOVE YOU TO PIECES!

Coop got in on the action :) 

SO did Sukie.

finishing off our play session with lunch just before naps :) Silly girl :)