Charlotte Paige || Oh How You've Grown || Third Birthday

Our sweet little girl, it’s hard to believe you turn three today.  I just laid you down for your daily nap and while I sit here reflecting on all of the wonderful little things I love about my little girl I find myself thankful that 1. I have you and your brother on the same schedule and 2. That I’m fortunate enough to be here everyday with you watching you learn and grow.

Three years ago today, you gave me the greatest gift of all…motherhood. And while you took your good ole’ time getting here (cough 23 hours) you have been nothing short of quick to learn and quick to move ever since

Your daddy and I are so incredibly proud of you. You are kind hearted, creative, curious, smart as a whip, can fill a room with your laughter and squeaks, and have a strong minded confident and sassy flare to you that we know will both get you in trouble and take you far in life.

We are excited to continue watching on the sidelines as your biggest fans to see just where life takes you. If I had to guess today, I would say you would be an animal rights lawyer because you can win arguments with both your dad and I and find a way around every problem you encounter…that and you have such an immense compassion and love for all of your animals.  Although I think your dad is banking on pilot or chef…you just be whatever your heart tells you to be and know that we will be proud of you wherever life takes you. 

It’s hard to believe you’re three. It went too fast. I once had a friend and mother tell me to soak in every moment because it’s truly fleeting. I’m thankful I take the time to pause and do just that because you grew so quickly from our little baby girl into such a sweet little lady all in the blink of an eye

In the past three years, you have taught us how to love harder than we ever thought possible. You have also taught us a thing or two about patience, time management, bending the rules, stopping to smell the roses, finding the light when things seem bleak, and being grateful for little things

This past year you moved into your fourth home, made a new best friend (Addie), experienced the beach for the first time, were given the honor of being a flower girl, began reciting your favorite books and songs, picked berries, enjoyed petting zoos, played at family reunions, discovered and experienced the magic of Christmas, and rode your first horse.

Today I will love you a little harder, cuddle you a little longer, and be completely present for you. Last night we continued the tradition of blowing out a candle with daddy and singing happy birthday. Today we watched a new movie “Brave”, and you ate your favorite meal for breakfast and lunch lox and bagels and will enjoy pancakes for dinner along with a cupcake. We will probably also go outside and play lacrosse or visit the park and we’ll be sure to let you splash and play extra hard during bath time. Then like always we’ll spend bedtime cuddled up reading stories and singing songs before saying goodnight.

This weekend you will help mama make a unicorn cake you picked out and we’ll spend all day celebration YOU with family

You and your little brother are our world. We love you more than words can say and we are so excited to watch you grow this next year. We’re already looking forward to seeing your personality blossom even more and watching you learn so many new exciting things.  

Happy Birthday sweet Charlotte, we love you!

This is YOU a 3 YEARS OLD…

You have all of your baby teeth

You are 26 lbs (still so tiny)

You are just shy of 2 ½ feet tall

And you are still a medical marvel who doesn’t eat

Things You LOVE:


-Dancing and singing

-Petting Zoos


-Being outside

-Helping in the kitchen

-Picking pumpkins and going to the farm

-Bath time & playing waterfall in the tub

-Being tossed and tickled

-Playing Chase

-Cuddling after naps

-Singing Bubbles

-Playtime with Addie


-Late night talks

-Going on adventures and trying new things

-Christmas Lights

Your favorite GAME:


Favorite SHOWS:

PJ Masks and Spirit

Favorite FOODS:

-Lox and Bagels

-Miso Soup


-Pancakes and bacon

-Oranges and Berries

-Pita Chips

-Mac N Cheese

-Anything sweet



Favorite TOYS:

- Horses

- Slide

- Stickers and Paint

- Giraffy

Things you DON’T Like:

-Being told no

This is just a small collection of all of the incredibly blessed moments we’ve had with you over the past three years.

We welcomed you into the world one day after this photo was taken. 

Family Photos taken by the lovely Adriane Herlihy Photography

Charlotte Paige Third Birthday Maryn Graves Productions Leonardtown MD SOMD Photography

Family Photos taken by the lovely Kristin Hurley Photography

You're such a ham!

But still itty bitty.