Katie and Chris || A Total Win || Charleston, WV

Well there’s no way around it… this blog is going to be a bit more personal than my usual wedding posts.

I have known Katie my whole life, I'm fairly sure our attachment to one another began on the playground at age four with healthy competition that lasted throughout our lives. This spanned from sports, to academics, clubs, and of course, we can’t forget the arts. Katie and I have been alongside one another from the start, in just about every endeavor. Katie has helped me reach my goals and I would like to think I have helped her reach hers, but she was more than a friend. We had the same family make up… two amazing parents and two older brothers, so in a way, there were times we acted like the sister we never had.

We have seen every side of each other from the picture perfect anchors at WVU News to the not so glamorous water girls for our brothers high school football teams. We’ve traveled across the beautiful state of West Virginia and the better half of the east coast together.

There was definitely some sibling love and rivalry between us. Who could run faster, who could sing better, who would be president of the next club? Then into our college years, who would make anchor desk, well thank goodness we both managed to do so, otherwise, we may never have let each other hear the end of it. This was all in good fun of course.

So you’re getting the point…in my short lifetime, I have endless memories of Katie and I. So to say that capturing one of the most exciting moments in her life and being alongside her throughout the whole day seemed not only fitting but was an incredible honor. Thank you, Katie, for trusting me with this privilege, I know very well you have a commitment to quality when making big life choices and so I can only hope I have met those expectations as your wedding photographer.

Enough about us, let’s talk about this incredible couple.

Katie and Chris both went to WVU, but I’m sure due to their busy schedules they never managed to cross paths at the time.  It wasn’t until after college that Chris was coaching at Fairmont State, a school that Katie frequently covered while working as a TV sports reporter at WBOY in Clarksburg, WV. It didn’t take long for Katie to catch Chris’s eye. With some reluctance on Katie’s end, but with a little help from friends, Katie agreed to go on a date with Chris in between shifts at the station. Apparently the date went well because the rest was sort of history from there.

Laughter is definitely the center of their relationship and supporting one another's goals and aspirations is another big variable in their success.

Katie and Chris’s wedding day was filled with so much love and so many wonderful people surrounding them.

Katie grew up surrounded by sports, her dad has been a coach for as long as I can remember, and of course she married a coach, so it was only fitting that their wedding be sports themed. I know Katie and I had conversations prior to the day where she was worried about pulling this off in an elegant and tasteful way, but I have to tell you first hand that their hard work and effort paid off and their day was beautiful.

It also was a comfortable atmosphere for many of their guest who also, of course, are coaches. I emphasize this fact because I think their day was filled with a tremendous amount of love and support. When I think of a coach I think of a compassionate individual who fosters your dreams, both on and off the field, and shares in those aspirations. I know for Katie and Chris, this couldn’t have been truer of the love surrounding their day.

Beyond this, they included so many additional sentiments that really made their day a total win.

Their ceremony was held at Chris’s childhood church in Charleston, WV, and Katie’s grandfather Rev. Ned Reneau officiated a portion of the service.  Also for the ceremony, Aaron Kittle, husband to the MOH and life-long friend of the bride designed the programs and place cards.

Katie’s mother made the gorgeous ring bearer pillows out of lace and other materials that were Katie’s grandmothers. These pillows were the perfect way to display and continue the sentiment behind Katie’s engagement ring, which was a family heirloom. 

I also loved the thoughtfulness behind Katie’s something borrowed and blues. She borrowed beautiful hairpins from her cousin, and wore her mom’s blue wedding day bracelet. She also had a piece of her grandmother’s gown sewn into her own.

Their reception was honestly a home run (too many sports metaphors, Katie?), but really, it couldn’t have been more fitting of their style and wants.  They held their celebration at The Pavilion at Charleston Marriott Town Center, and it was gorgeous. While in the buffet line, Katie’s mom told me that she and Chris simply requested tailgate food when creating their menu. This had to have been the cutest display of burgers and mini hot dogs I’ve ever seen, and everyone left with full tummies.

As you can see, a great deal of love and thoughtfulness went into this gorgeous couples day.

I knew Katie would be a fairly carefree bride, it’s just in her nature to not sweat the small stuff. Everything fell into place and in her world it was nothing short of amazing.

Katie and Chris, I was so inspired by your adoration for one another and your day certainly reflected that love.

Enjoy your photos and enjoy your honeymoon in the Bahamas (where Katie and I have also traveled together...in case you wanted to know)!

Taking some time to enjoy the capitol before festivities kicked off...aren't they cute?

When you and your best friends are all named Katie.