Cooper James || Oh How You've Grown || First Birthday

Our sweet little man, it’s hard to believe you turn one today. You’re teething pretty hard on those top two front teeth and so you’re upstairs asleep catching up on the hours you lost last night, which gives me a quiet minute to share a collection of our favorite memories of you from this past year.

You are our little buddy, Top Knot, and Pickle. Although you came as a bit of a surprise to us we have loved you from the start, and as your daddy says, from the moment you arrived it’s like you’ve always been here with us. We truly can’t imagine a day without you. We are so grateful for you and you were definitely a gift.

You complete our little family.

You are all smiles and giggles. You are spunky, sweet, gentle, and curious. You’re a content little guy and everyone calls you chill. Your dad and I would definitely say that yes, as long as we’re present, you are completely content. You love to cuddle and be held, but this is also on your terms. You do tend to love the ladies and any time another mama holds you you’re quite content for hours.

Today I will love you a little harder, cuddle you a little longer, and be completely present for you. I’m sure your dad will race home from work by 4:18pm to be here when it is officially your birthday and we will give you your first taste of cake and spaghetti.

This weekend you will have your first haircut and we’ll spend Labor Day weekend celebration YOU with family and friends.

You and your big sister are our world. We love you more than words can say and we are so excited to watch you grow this next year. We’re already looking forward to seeing your personality blossom even more and watching you learn so many new exciting things.  

Happy Birthday sweet Cooper, we love you!


This is YOU at 1 YEAR…

You have 2 teeth with 2 more coming in on top

You are 19.5 lbs

You are 28 inches tall


Things You LOVE:


-Your sister

-Bath time & playing waterfall in the tub

-Being tossed in the air

-Hide and seek with sissy

-Sleeping with mama

-Holding hands

-Swimming with daddy

-Pushing my walker

-Climbing in Charlotte’s chair

-Kisses and cuddles


Your favorite GAME:

Where’s Cooper. Your favorite hiding spots are the curtains and the teepee


Favorite MOVIE:

SING, we don’t have you in front of the tv often but if this is on you are pretty zoned into it.


Favorite FOODS:

-You LOVE food

-Peach oatmeal banana

-Sweet potatoes



-Anything mixed with yogurt







-Top knot (but not for long)


Favorite TOYS:

-Sit to stand walker

-Anything I can chew on

-Shoes when I can find them

-Buzz Lightyear from Uncle Jay


Things you DON’T Like:

-Your car seat

-Road trips

-The stroller

-Diaper/clothing changes


Otherwise you are our happy go lucky little guy and we love you to the moon and back!

This is just a small collection of all of the incredibly blessed moments we’ve had with you over this past year.