Cooper || Remembering Top Knot || Turning One

When we found out we were having a little boy, I knew even then that milestones like his first haircut would be cherished memories.

When Cooper was born, we had a very dear cousin tell us that it is tradition and good luck not to cut your little guy’s hair for the first year… something with our Italian heritage so I hear? And so, of course, we wanted to tip the scale in our favor as well as Coopers…we have impatiently waited while watching his locks grow longer and longer. He was born with a full head of hair so he’s accumulated quite a bit over these last 365 days.

Everywhere we go he’s mistaken for a little girl despite the very obvious onesies I put him in like “#1 Hunk” and “Mama’s Boy.” People just see those gorgeous locks and eyelashes and immediately say, “She’s just so cute!”..and every time we find ourselves giggling and smiling over it. We’ve learned to just take it as a compliment either way.

Well Cooper, my love, it’s officially time… you turn one-year-old on Thursday and those locks will soon be gone. So unless you’re like your father and decide to have a phase sometime throughout your high school or young adult years where you decide to grow out that chestnut brown hair of yours, well then, I may have to bid those sweet little flyaways adieu for good. 

I also know that this big milestone will completely transform you one step closer to your toddler years, and if all goes as planned, you are and will forever be my baby.. so forgive me if mama just isn’t ready to say goodbye to those little toes and chubby cheeks yet.

So in an effort to preserve those locks just a bit longer, your daddy and I couldn’t help ourselves to do a little styled shoot with you. You’ll look back one day and google search “manbun” and see where we found our inspiration. For just a few more days you’ll be my topknot and someday I’ll get to look back on these playful little images with a smile and all the memories wrapped up into your year with long locks.

Mama loves you, Top Knot. Forever be my baby.