Cooper James || Oh How You've Grown || 2nd Birthday

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Cooper our sweet little man, you turn two today, and while I can’t believe it…your daddy and I are doing a little happy dance that for the first time in 4 years we are officially out of the baby stage...and we survived. You are just learning to talk (your first word was Hi!) and you can now hold your own in battles with your sister. You took your time walking, but are now running circles around us. We still have to work on that binky but we’ll get there.  You make are hearts full and our family complete.

You have shown us this past year that you have quite the little personality and you’re quite the ham.  You are still just as spunky, gentle, and curious as ever and you really are a sweetheart. You love to laugh and hate more than anything to be scolded, especially by mama.  You really are just a happy little clam and that makes my mommy heart pretty full.

This year we really settled into our home and played mostly in the playroom in the basement or outside in the yard. You love exploring and finding rocks to show me.  Aside from being homebodies, you have had some pretty fun new experiences like seeing your first air show, swimming in the Potomac River and dipping your feet in the Atlantic ocean for the first time. We went on our first family vacation to Savannah where you hunted for easter eggs for the first time and how we discovered that you get terribly carsick. We’re working on that too.

You’ve had quite the year and we’ve loved every minute with you. We can’t wait to see what next year brings. We love you so much little man, Happy 2nd Birthday!


Things You LOVE:



-Your sister

-Bath time & playing waterfall in the tub

-Being tossed in the air



-Holding hands






-Playing outside

-Riding in your baby car

-Kisses and cuddles


Your favorite GAME:



Favorite MOVIE:



Favorite FOODS:

You’ve gotten pretty picky this year…


-Mac N Cheese but you’re even particular about what kind not Kraft







-Little Man



Favorite TOYS:





Things you DON’T Like:

-Road Trips


Thank you to the incredibly talented and sweet Kristin Hurley for these beautiful family portraits and memories. They mean the world to us!

tell me he isn't the cutest little elephant there ever was :)