Charlotte + Cooper || My Minis ||Backyard Mini Session

I don’t think there’s any denying that I’m a lil’ bit obsessed with my littles. I love shooting weddings, families, and just about any special event, but when I’m not clicking away capturing other’s beautiful moments I’m always craving capturing my own.

I really believe that life is all about collecting beautiful moments and I treasure every time I can get my wiggly, yet adorable, little rugrat's to give me a smile or sweet candid moment in front of my lens.

Big props to daddy-o too who is usually the one jumping around or behind me doing cartwheels to get their attention. Oops did I just give away my secret to getting kids to smile for you? Hah but really, our neighbors probably think he’s a little nutty because I’m typically crouched down out of sight while he dances around in our yard. I assure you he’s just doing mama a big ole’ favor. Even more so, we were all sick during 4th of July this year, and I always love getting an annual 4th of July themed shot of Charlotte and Coop, and he was sweet enough to entertain me doing this about 2 weeks late.

Also, our yard is looking a little fallish at the moment if anyone wants to book a mini session for "fall" in advance :) 

Any who, here are my sweeties in one of our many backyard minis. 

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